The Blue Tent: Erotic Tales from the Bible

The Blue Tent: Erotic Tales from the Bible

“At night, when the sun went down, and all around them was darkness, the beautiful night sky illuminated the earth with its billions and billions of stars. Every night Adam and Lilith would make love. Lilith would always start by nibbling on Adam’s toes and gently massage his feet. She loved running her hands up and down Adam’s hairy, silken legs. She especially loved moving her hands between his legs…”

The Bible is filled with tales of love and lust, but most of it is implied. What do we really know about the sex lives of our ancestors? The Blue Tent takes ten sexy, spicy tales based on Biblical stories and commentary, and weaves them into erotic short stories you’ll want to read over and over again — either by yourself or with your partner(s). 

“Abimelech was able to see into Rebekah’s chambers. In fact, he was secretly able to see into all the rooms of the men and women he had procured and often would spy on them, watching them dress, undress, and bathe. It was one of his pleasures, which built the anticipation for when he would bed them. Imagine, then, his surprise when, one morning while he was watching Rebekah emerge from her bath, he saw Isaac come up behind her in a not-at-all brotherly way. Isaac took Rebekah’s towel from her and started to dry off her body. He slowly ran his fingertips down her back, from the top of her spine to her lower back—ever so lightly. Abimelech watched…”

We meet Adam and Lilith, the woman who preceded Eve in the Garden of Eden. What was it about her sexuality that she had to flee from the Garden? What does Abimelech see that convinces him that Isaac and Rebekah are not brother and sister? How does Tamar assert her dominance over Judah in order to become pregnant with his child? Did David and Jonathan have more than a platonic friendship?  What really went on with Joseph and Potiphar’s wife? And did the Queen of Sheba’s mesmerizing qualities really inspire King Solomon to write the sensual Song of Songs?

“About six months after Joseph had been brought to the House of Potiphar, Zuleika had Joseph brought to her chambers. “Ah, Joseph, my dear boy, it is time we got to know each other.” Joseph was most uncomfortable being alone with Zuleika, who was lying on her bed, covered only in a diaphanous indigo veil. Joseph, a virgin, had no experience with women and was instructed by his father, Jacob, to keep himself pure for his wife, who also would be a virgin; that lovemaking was a holy act meant to produce children and to bring two people closer to each other and to God. 

“What would you like to know?” stammered Joseph, averting his eyes from Zuleika’s voluptuous body. 

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” she queried.

“No,” he timidly replied.

“With a man?”

“NO!” he answered more emphatically. 

“Would you like to know what it’s like?” she purred.

“M-m-madam,” Joseph stuttered, “it would be wrong of me to take what is my master’s, who has given me this fine and privileged life.”

“Oh, Joseph, you don’t know what you’re missing,” she said as she began massaging her lubricious breasts. Joseph was transfixed. The only breasts he had seen were of women breastfeeding. He and his father had talked about breasts also being a source of sensual pleasure, but he had never witnessed anything like Zuleika. Joseph watched as one hand continued to massage her bosom while the other hand slowly wandered down her body and made its way between her thighs. He tried to turn away…”

What People Are Saying...

In 1956, the book "Peyton Place" came out. I was in high school. Someone extracted "All the Hot Sexy Pages" and circulated them! I didn't have to waste time reading the whole got right to the good stuff. The first chapter, Lilith and Adam, of Laria Zybler's, The Blue Tent, duplicated that same experience. "You are right in that...sexual moment!!"
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As the title suggests, this isn't what you learned from your parents (or religious school) about the old testament. This is an enjoyable, titillating read , and because it's about some of the well-known characters in the bible, it makes revisiting these characters in a way you've never envisioned... Or maybe felt bad about admitting until now. If you're into erotic tales that are way more realistic than other fantasy stories, THIS. IS. IT!
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The Blue Tent takes us on a steamy journey behind the scenes of the tents, the gardens, and the palaces and shows the bawdy, naughty sides they didn’t teach you in religious school. Enter, if you dare…

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